LIVE: England V India - The Action On Day One Of The Third Test At Edgbaston

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LIVE: England v India - the action on day one of the third Test at Edgbaston
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Updated: 18:32 BST, 10 August 2011

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Stay up to date with all the action on day one of the third Test between England and India with Sportsmail's unrivalled team.

We'll deliver over-by-over coverage as the action unfolds at Edgbaston while our brilliant team of writers will update with their insights from the ground.

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  England v India essentials
[ Click here for a full scorecard]

England: Strauss (c), Cook, Bell, Pietersen, Morgan, Bopara, Prior (wkt), Bresnan, Broad, Swann, Anderson

India: Gambhir, Sehwag, Dravid, Tendulkar, Laxman, Raina, Dhoni (c, wkt), Mishra, Kumar, Sreesanth, Sharma

England won the toss and elected to bowl
India 224 all out


6.30pm: Definitely England's day then. A knock of 77 by India captain MS Dhoni was the only real resistance offered by the tourists as England ripped through their top order.

England's captain Andrew Strauss then scored a fifty of his own as he and Alastair Cook safely negotiated the last couple of hours of play to leave England firmly in the driving seat. Join me tomorrow for coverage of day two.

25th over: England 84-0 (Strauss 52, Cook 27)

In comes Suresh Raina to the attack with his part-time spin. Strauss picks up an easy single to midwicket.

Cook adds one himself and that will be that on day one.

24th over: England 82-0 (Strauss 51, Cook 26)

Mishra to continue.
Easy single on offer and Strauss takes it.

23rd over: England 81-0 (Strauss 50, Cook 26)

Cook prods Sharma into the leg side for one.

50 for Strauss! The England skipper clips Sharma behind square for one and that's his first Test 50 since Sydney in January.

22nd over: England 79-0 (Strauss 49, Cook 25)

Four byes as Mishra gets big turn again and the ball glances Cook's pads on its way to the fine leg boundary.

Cook adds one more to make it five from the over.

Fifty: Strauss became the second captain to reach his half century

21st over: England 74-0 (Strauss 49, Cook 24)

Sharma continues his spell.

Strauss pulls the fifth ball of the over to fine leg for a single to edge closer to his 50. Cook continues to accumulate with a single to midwicket.

20th over: England 72-0 (Strauss 48, Cook 23)

Dhoni throws the ball to leg spinner Amit Mishra. Shot!

Strauss drives Mishra's first ball off the back foot through the covers for four. Four! Strauss drives to the same area but this time off the front foot. Strauss then adds a single to bring Cook on strike. Cook returns the favour to midwicket.

One more added, 11 from the over but plenty of turn for Mishra.

19th over: England 61-0 (Strauss 38, Cook 22)

Sharma comes back in for Kumar.

Slight delay as umpire Taufel loses his hat in the wind... Strauss picks up a single to the leg side. Cook scores two as Sachin cuts of an on drive.

18th over: England 58-0 (Strauss 37, Cook 20)

Eight overs now left.
The expensive Sreesanth continues. Cook mistimes a pull but the pick up a leg bye to fine leg. Just one from the over.
Second fiddle: But Cook has already surpassed his previous best score of the series

17th over: England 57-0 (Strauss 37, Cook 20)

Kumar into the ninth over of his mammoth opening spell.

Four! Poor fielding from Raina at gully who should have stopped that but it was another well timed cut from the England skipper. He adds a single to the total with the next ball.

16th over: England 52-0 (Strauss 32, Cook 20)

Sreesanth returns.

His first ball is too straight and Strauss clips through midwicket with ease for four... Shot! Poor delivery from Sreesanth who looks out of sorts today and Strauss cuts him in front of square.
50 partnership up. They scramble a single to cover.

15th over: England 43-0 (Strauss 23, Cook 20)

Kumar into his eighth over, there are 11 left in the day including this one.

Another appeal... but that was definitely pitching outside leg. Four! Poor fielding from Sharma who should have cut that off at midwicket but Cook won't mind. Cook now has his highest score of the series. Two more are added to square leg.

14th over: England 37-0 (Strauss 23, Cook 14)

Sharma to Strauss.

Dhoni fumbles, not for the first time today and certainly not in the series. He looks a lot happier out there now though after those 77 runs earlier. Another maiden. One run in five overs now from England.

On the pull: Strauss has shown some attacking intent

13th over: England 37-0 (Strauss 23, Cook 14)


Lots of swing for Kumar even at 76mph... Cook nearly edges him. Maiden.

12th over: England 37-0 (Strauss 23, Cook 14)

Cook picks up a quick single with a nudge to Gambhir at gully.

Sharma's line is a bit wayward to Strauss. That will be drinks.

11th over: England 36-0 (Strauss 23, Cook 13)

Kumar into his sixth over.

The lead is now down to 188 runs. Another maiden.

10th over: England 36-0 (Strauss 23, Cook 13)

Cook happy to watch Sharma off that over.
Both batsmen are looking to play themselves into form in different ways. Strauss intent on hitting some boundaries and Cook is keen to leave. Maiden. A good start for England.
Watchful start: Strauss and Cook chat between overs

9th over: England 36-0 (Strauss 23, Cook 13)


Too short from Kumar and Strauss pulls him on front of square for four more runs. The groundstaff are now back on looking at those footholes again... The ever-eccentric is keen to help and he takes over shovel duties...
Four from the over.

8th over: England 32-0 (Strauss 19, Cook 13)

Delay as footholes on the pitch are repaired by groundstaff...

Meanwhile, Sharma is on for Sreesanth. Four! Cook clips Sharma's first ball through midwicket for his first boundary. Four more down to fine leg this time for Cook. England going along at a rate of knots now after that slow start.
Appeal! Not out... That looked very close as Cook was hit on the pads on the back foot. That must have been pitching outside leg though... it was.

7th over: England 24-0 (Strauss 19, Cook 5)

Kumar continues to Strauss...

Shot! Strauss cuts powerfully again, this time behind square for four more. Edge! But it falls short and wide of third slip and runs away for four down to third man.

6th over: England 16-0 (Strauss 11, Cook 5)


Strauss fills his boots with a well timed cut off Sreesanth. Four! Sreesanth goes round the wicket to Strauss but strays too far down leg and he is powerfully clipped to the midwicket boundary. They pick up three more as Strauss this time clips square.
Expensive over, 11 from it.

Appeal: Kumar thought he had Cook in the fifth over

5th over: England 5-0 (Strauss 0, Cook 5)

Cook works Kumar through midwicket for two.

Appeal! Not out. Kumar from around the wicket moves one away from Cook but HawkEye shows that it was just missing off stump. They pick up two more with a defensive prod through the off side.

4th over: England 1-0 (Strauss 0, Cook 1)

Cook misses out as he bottom-edges a short and wide one from Sreesanth.

Great fielding from Gambhir at point as he saves a boundary from a Cook cut but they scamper a single.

3rd over: England 0-0 (Strauss 0, Cook 0)

All too wide of off again. Another maiden.

2nd over: England 0-0 (Strauss 0, Cook 0)

Some early movement too for Sreesanth, who shares the new ball.

England's openers will feel that if they can see of the new ball there are plenty of runs on offer on this pitch. All far too wide of Cook's off stump. But it's another maiden.
Catch of the day: Alastair Cook somehow clung on to Ishant Sharma's drive

1st over: England 0-0 (Strauss 0, Cook 0)

Praveen Kumar will open the bowling for India.

Some swing for Kumar as there has been all series. Appeal! But that one was pitching well outside leg. Maiden.

4.40pm: England have called for the heavy roller as they prepare for their reply.

Both Andrew Strauss and Alastair Cook have had poor series' so far and they would love a big opening partnership here. There is certainly something in the pitch, especially with the new ball, but you have to feel that India's score is at least 100 below par.


Sharma c Cook b Anderson 4 (India 224 all out)
What a catch! Sharma rocks back and drives straight at Cook who takes evasive action but the ball somehow sticks...
India all out.

62nd over: India 224-9 (Sharma 4, Sreesanth 0)

Sreesanth the last man in. Wicket maiden.
Sign up things to come: England celebrate the early wicket of Gautam Gambhir


Dhoni c Strauss b Broad 77 (India 224-9)

Finally Dhoni is gone and surprise, surprise, it's from a full delivery. Dhoni takes a huge swipe and edges straight down the throat of England's only slip, Andrew Strauss.

62nd over: India 224-8 (Dhoni 77, Sharma 4)

Broad continues.

61st over: India 224-8 (Dhoni 77, Sharma 4)

Dhoni continues to turn down singles.
England seem to have forgotten how they took wickets earlier... This has been a mirror image of day one at Trent Bridge so far, but India who are counter-attacking and England who look lost. Dhoni takes another single to leave Sharma with just one ball again.

Sportsmail's Lawrence Booth at Edgbaston: 'Now eight men on the fence.

So Dhoni just goes up and over, swinging Broad for six over long-leg. Dumb cricket from England...'
Dangerman: Dhoni punished the England bowlers

60th over: India 223-8 (Dhoni 76, Sharma 4)


Dhoni pulls Broad over the fine leg rope. Extremely defensive field for the Indian skipper. He takes a single to bring Sharma on.

Sportsmail's Lawrence Booth at Edgbaston: 'Boring cricket as England put seven men on the boundary for Dhoni, who is playing well but is not Don Bradman...'

59th over: India 216-8 (Dhoni 70, Sharma 4)

Anderson continues to Dhoni.

He turns down a single after a cut to point but will pick up two to fine leg. Four! Dhoni clips Anderson to the fine leg rope. The India captain will keep the strike with a single to backward square leg.

58th over: India 209-8 (Dhoni 65, Sharma 4)

Broad comes back on with Sharma in his sights.

Slight delay as the strong wind in Birmingham blows one of the bails off. Maiden.
Counter-attack: Dhoni pulls a short ball

57th over: India 209-8 (Dhoni 65, Sharma 4)

Anderson to bowl the first over of the evening session. Dhoni turns down a single once more, he's only after boundaries and twos with a reluctant Sharma at the other end.

He cuts the last ball of the cover past backward point for four.


56th over: India 205-8 (Dhoni 61, Sharma 4)

Bresnan to bowl the last over before tea.

Close! Sharma drops one just short of Ian Bell at short leg. Four! Sharma edges down to fine leg.

55th over: India 201-8 (Dhoni 61, Sharma 0)

Anderson back into the attack for the expensive Swann.

It's not been a good series so far for Swann but he could have a say in the second innings if the Edgbaston pitch is true to form. Dhoni now turning down singles... he picks up a quick two to midwicket though. Four! That brings up the 200.
Too short from Anderson and Dhoni pulls in front of square.

Fifty: Defiant Dhoni raises his bat

54th over: India 195-8 (Dhoni 55, Sharma 0)

Ishant Sharma the new man. He very awkwardly sees off the last three balls.


Kumar c Prior b Bresnan 26 (India 195-8)

Finally England get the breakthrough... Hotspot overrules Steve Davis again as an edge shows up on Kumar's bat after an attempted pull.

54th over: India 195-7 (Dhoni 55, Kumar 26)

Bresnan continuing...

Dhoni takes up the offer of a single. Four byes. England all over the place now and Bresnan in particular has been poor after lunch. He sends one way down the leg side and Prior has no chance. Appeal! Not out. It's reviewed...

53rd over: India 190-7 (Dhoni 54, Kumar 26)

Dhoni takes one off Swann to bring Kumar back on strike. Six! Kumar joins the party - launching Swann over the long on rope.

Impressive performance: Broad has picked up three wickets

Sportsmail's Paul Newman at Edgbaston: 'This is what India have been waiting for from Dhoni.

Some fight from the captain. Restoring some pride.'

52nd over: India 183-7 (Dhoni 53, Kumar 20)

Bresnan continues to Kumar.
Close! The No 9 gets lucky as he loops one up that falls between the bowler and short leg. They pick up a leg bye to fine leg. Dhoni flicks one to the leg side... England heads have dropped a bit out there.

51st over: India 181-7 (Dhoni 52, Kumar 20)

Swann continues.

England need to break this partnership which has quickly moved on to 66. 50 for Dhoni! Swann is driven through extra cover as the counter-attack continues.

50th over: India 177-7 (Dhoni 48, Kumar 20)

One turns into two after an overthrow from Anderson. Six!

Dhoni launches Bresnan over the midwicket rope. Great innings from India's captain so far. One more added off Bresnan to mid off. 

BREAKING NEWS: Eight of England's Ashes-winning squad nominated for ICC player-of-the-year awards.
[ Read more here.]

The crowd take cover as MS Dhoni launches one into the stands

49th over: India 168-7 (Dhoni 39, Kumar 20)

Dhoni takes a single to long on. He's happy to share the strike with Kumar.
And that's why! Brilliant straight drive from Kumar for four. Shot! That's even better. Kumar makes room on the off side and drives Swann through the covers.

48th over: India 159-7 (Dhoni 38, Kumar 12)

Bresnan to Kumar.

He gets off strike immediately. This partnership is now worth 47 runs. Dhoni picks up a single to mid on.

47th over: India 157-7 (Dhoni 37, Kumar 11)

In to the attack comes Graeme Swann.
Dhoni takes a single to long off off the third ball to bring Kumar on strike. Single to long on off the last.

46th over: India 155-7 (Dhoni 36, Kumar 10)

Bresnan back into the attack.

A single to fine leg brings Kumar on strike. Shot! Kumar rocks back and pushes Bresnan through the covers.

Captain's knock: MS Dhoni counter-attacks

Sportsmail's Lawrence Booth at Edgbaston: 'At last, some fight from India - and it's the captain too!

Is this their Trent Bridge moment (England 124-8, then 221 all out)?'

45th over: India 150-7 (Dhoni 35, Kumar 6)

Four more as Dhoni guides Anderson down to third man. Six! Dhoni clubs Anderson deep into the crowd back over his head.

A single then brings up the 150.

44th over: India 139-7 (Dhoni 24, Kumar 6)

Broad continues to Dhoni.
Four! England losing the plot a little bit here as Broad goes short and wide to Dhoni who clumps him over wide mid off. More short stuff is given the treatment as Dhoni pulls in front of square for four. A single to midwicket keeps Dhoni on strike again.

43rd over: India 130-7 (Dhoni 15, Kumar 6)

Anderson is peppering Kumar with some short stuff and he doesn't look comfortable.

Kumar plops one to short leg and one to gully but there are no fielders in either position, he picks up a single off the second of those shots. Dhoni flicks a single to leg to keep the strike.
Perfect start: England ripped through India's top order on day one

42nd over: India 128-7 (Dhoni 14, Kumar 5)

These two aren't hanging around..

Kumar belts Broad aerially to the long on boundary. A quick single follows to mid on.

41st over: India 123-7 (Dhoni 14, Kumar 0)

Anderson comes back into the attack.
Bresnan has been wayward after lunch but has picked up the key wicket of Laxman to add to his two earlier scalps. Shot! Dhoni drives back over Anderson's head. Four more.

Well-timed pull from Dhoni races to the square leg boundary.

40th over: India 115-7 (Dhoni 6, Kumar 0)

Praveen Kumar the new man at the crease.
Close! Kumar attempts a drive that lands just short of Alastair Cook at cover. Four byes as a bouncer hits Kumar's back and flies over Prior.


Mishra c Prior b Broad (India 111-7)

Nelson strikes! Or more specifically, Broad strikes. Perfect line and length from the Notts man and Mishra feathers through to Prior.

Got him: Broad catches VVS Laxman at fine leg

40th over: India 111-6 (Dhoni 6, Mishra 4)

Dhoni scampers a single to midwicket to move the tourists on to Nelson.

39th over: India 110-6 (Dhoni 5, Mishra 4)


Dhoni gets off the mark with a cover drive off Bresnan who's line is still wayward, not timed perfectly but that will help settle him. He adds a single to long on after a slight misfield this time from KP.

38th over: India 105-6 (Dhoni 0, Mishra 4)

Broad continues to Dhoni.

Close! Dhoni looks all at sea here as he fishes outside off. They sneak a leg bye. Just one from the over, Dhoni yet to score after 15 balls.

37th over: India 104-6 (Dhoni 0, Mishra 4)

A misfield from Bopara at mid on brings up four for Mishra - Bresnan's not happy with that. 

Sportsmail's Paul Newman at Edgbaston: 'India really are having a terrible time in this series.

Laxman was looking so good and then gave it away. Just about sums them up. Not long now until England become the best team in the world. Or can Dhoni find form??'


England appeal for the wicket of Sehwag in the second over

36th over: India 100-6 (Dhoni 0, Mishra 0)

Broad back into the attack, two new batsmen in. Dhoni looks jittery at the crease.

35th over: India 100-6 (Dhoni 0, Mishra 0)

Amit Mishra is the new man in, he averages just 18.

WICKET! Laxman c Broad b Bresnan 30 (India 100-6)

Yet again Laxman has got out in this series when looking well set for a big score.
After hitting Bresnan for two well timed fours he skies a pull straight down Broad's throat at fine leg.

35th over: India 100-5 (Laxman 30, Dhoni 0)

Bresnan's wayward start after lunch continues as he strays on leg stump and Laxman flicks to midwicket for four. Close!

Laxman tries another flick but this time gets a leading edge that drop just short of Morgan at midwicket. Four! Beautiful on drive from Laxman and Bresnan's line is all wrong. 100 up.
Entertaining day: The Edgbaston crowd have already seen six wickets fall on day one

Sportsmail's Lawrence Booth at Edgbaston: 'Cracking bowling from Anderson to Raina, who was supposed to be weak against the short ball but struggled there with the pitched-up one...'

34th over: India 92-5 (Laxman 22, Dhoni 0)

That brings in the skipper MS Dhoni, another who is in poor form.

Lazy waft outside the off stump from Dhoni who gets nowhere near it. This partnership is the last hope of a decent first innings total for India with a very long tail sitting nervously in the pavilion.

Raina b Anderson 4 (India 92-5)

Raina attempts a drive off Anderson but plays all around it and his middle stump goes gets clattered.

33rd over: India 92-4 (Laxman 22, Raina 4)


Short and wide from Bresnan and Laxman dismisses him through the covers. Shot! Too full this time from Bresnan and Laxman times exquisitely once more this time to the extra cover boundary. Close! Good comeback from Bresnan who just beats the edge.

Top form: Bresnan picked up two wickets before lunch

32nd over: India 84-4 (Laxman 14, Raina 4)

Anderson dishing out some short stuff to Raina, he struggled massively against bouncers in Nottingham.

The little man tucks two off his pads through midwicket.

31st over: India 82-4 (Laxman 14, Raina 2)

Laxman happy to watch Bresnan here, India need a big innings from the veteran. He has threatened to score big on a few occasions in this series but has developed a habit of getting in and getting out.

Another maiden.

30th over: India 82-4 (Laxman 14, Raina 2)

Anderson persists round the wicket to Raina...
Maiden over.

29th over: India 82-4 (Laxman 14, Raina 2)

Bresnan continues to Laxman. The sun is now shining in Birmingham.

Four leg byes down to fine leg off the last ball of the over.
End of the wall: A Bresnan beauty accounted for 'The Wall' Rahul Dravid

28th over: India 78-4 (Laxman 14, Raina 2)

Laxman flicks a single off Anderson to fine leg.

Anderson round the wicket to Raina. He mistimes a drive that falls just short of Morgan at gully.

27th over: India 77-4 (Laxman 13, Raina 2)

Here we again, Bresnan will complete his over and the out-of-touch Raina is the new man in. Loosener to start up with.

Raina gets off the mark with a tuck to leg side.

LUNCH ON DAY ONE: INDIA 75-4 (Laxman 13)

1.00pm: Great session for England.

It looked like India were turning it around after Sehwag's duck when they reached 59-1 for one but England have picked up three key wickets in the last half an hour to leave the tourists reeling on 75-4. Back at 1.40pm.

Sportsmail's Paul Newman at Edgbaston: 'What a finish to a terrific session. Take a bow Tim Bresnan. Beauty.

India right up against it again now.'

The wait goes on: Tendulkar is stuck on 99 hundreds


Dravid b Bresnan 22 (India 75-4)

What a delivery! Absolute snorter from Bresnan to bring about lunch. What a crucial wicket that is. Great session for England. Beauty from Bresnan.

27th over: India 75-3 (Dravid 22, Laxman 13)

Bresnan to bowl the last over before lunch.

26th over: India 75-3 (Dravid 22, Laxman 13)

Two more for Laxman who this time clips Anderson to fine leg.
Hostile bowling from Anderson who squares Laxman up, he's nowhere near edging it though, too good.

25th over: India 73-3 (Dravid 22, Laxman 11)

Four for Laxman down to third man. He's made a habit of starting quickly in this series.

One added to square leg off Bresnan's next ball.

Big wicket: England celebrate the dismissal of Sachin Tendulkar

24th over: India 68-3 (Dravid 22, Laxman 6)

Anderson continues...

he's bowled well so far today with no luck. Laxman takes a single to midwicket before Dravid scores his first runs for a while with a cut for two behind square.

23rd over: India 65-3 (Dravid 20, Laxman 5)

Close! Laxman squeezes out a yorker first ball and it squirts away to fine leg for four. After a lull in proceedings during the Gambhir-Dravid partnership this match has suddenly sparked to life.

Laxman adds one more to mid off.

Sportsmail's Paul Newman at Edgbaston: 'Well, we are still waiting for Sachin's 100th hundred and you have to say it doesn't look like coming in this series at all.

Jimmy Anderson set him up and then Stuart Broad got him out, pushing tentatively. Tendulkar has rarely looked so lacking in confidence.'

Tendulkar c Anderson b Broad 1 (India 60-3)

Broad's excellent series continues as Sachin's woes in England go on... After taking a peppering from Anderson in the last over he pushes at an outswinger from Broad to Jimmy a third slip.

Gone: Gambhir is bowled by Tim Bresnan

22nd over: India 60-2 (Dravid 20, Tendulkar 1)

With Tendulkar on strike Strauss immediately brings Anderson on. Close!

Tendulkar plays and misses an attempted cut... Close again! Anderson gets one to nip back at Sachin that beats the inside edge. Great battle. Tendulkar gets off the mark with a tuck to leg off the last ball.

Sportsmail's Lawrence Booth at Edgbaston: 'Another standing ovation for Sachin Tendulkar.

Easy to forget he's still in pursuit of that 100th hundred...'

21st over: India 59-2 (Dravid 20, Tendulkar 0)

The two leading run scorers in test cricket are now together at the crease.
Dravid continues to leave. Maiden.

Sportsmail's Paul Newman at Edgbaston: 'Big breakthrough for England and the whole ground stands to Sachin Tendulkar as he enters the fray.

Could today be the day??'

WICKET! Gambhir b Bresnan 38 (India 59-2)

Just as I was about the lavish the Indian pair with praise Gambhir is drawn into a drive and he gets and inside edge onto his stumps.
Vital wicket for England as the Indians were beginning to get the measure of this pitch.

Broad ambition: The England seamer cries out in anguish as the Indian batsmen scurry a run

20th over: India 59-1 (Gambhir 38, Dravid 20)

The Indian pair scurry a leg bye.

19th over: India 58-1 (Gambhir 38, Dravid 20)

Gambhir tucks Broad behind square on the legs side for one, just as he did to Bresnan in the previous over.

Ouch! Dravid takes a whack on the gloves, he picks up a single to the leg side though. Just two from that over, Dravid has retreated into his shell after a flurry at the start of his innings.

18th over: India 56-1 (Gambhir 37, Dravid 19)

Bresnan continues his spell.

A few half chances for England this morning but the India batsmen are growing visibly more comfortable with each minute they spend at the crease. Gambhir gets on top of a short ball well to take a single to square leg. Just one from the over.

17th over: India 55-1 (Gambhir 36, Dravid 19)

Gambhir clips Broad to fine leg for another single.

Dravid then picks up two to with a jab to square leg.

Solid return: Gambhir has looked comfortable at the crease

16th over: India 52-1 (Gambhir 35, Dravid 17)

Bresnan to Gambhir.

Just the one down to fine leg from the over. Even contest between bat and ball so far at Edgbaston.

15th over: India 51-1 (Gambhir 34, Dravid 17)

Broad comes in for Anderson. Dravid does well to dig out an unexpected yorker first up.

Shot! Full from Broad who is trying to tempt the drive but Dravid does so with aplomb. That brings up the 50 for India. Close! Broad shaves Dravid's edge with an outswinger.

12.03pm: I think we can call that first hour a draw.

England will be pleased to have got a wicket but India will be equally to satisfied to have survived since Sehwag's dismissal, and they have scored at quite a rate. Interesting contest.

14th over: India 47-1 (Gambhir 34, Dravid 13)

Bresnan dishes a bouncer out to Gambhir.

He had great success with the short ball at Trent Bridge but Gambhir easily ducks under that one. Shot! Bresnan swings one back in to Gambhir who drives it on length straight down the ground. He struggles to avoid another bouncer though, four from the over and that is drinks.

Close call: Kevin Pietersen saw a catch fall just short of him at fourth slip

13th over: India 43-1 (Gambhir 30, Dravid 13)

Anderson into his seventh over.

Gambhir gloves a single to square leg. Just one from the over.

12th over: India 42-1 (Gambhir 29, Dravid 13)

India end the scoring drought with singles off the first two balls of Bresnan's second over.

Slight delay as Dravid changes his bat. Just two from the over. India ticking along nicely after that early loss.

11th over: India 40-1 (Gambhir 28, Dravid 12)

Anderson will continue his spell.

Anderson has persisted in swinging it away from Gambhir but the returning opener is happy to leave... I spoke to soon. Swing and miss off the last. Another maiden.

10th over: India 40-1 (Gambhir 28, Dravid 12)

Tim Bresnan comes into the attack for Stuart Broad, who has done his job. Appeal!

Not out. Hotspot shows a thin inside edge from Dravid. Good umpiring this time from Steve Davis who had a howler in the second over. Lots of swing for Bresnan who has Dravid fishing for the drive outside off. Good start from the Yorkshireman. Maiden.
Fast start: Gautam Gambhir hit six fours inside the first eight overs

9th over: India 40-1 (Gambhir 28, Dravid 12)


But the lack of pace in the pitch is evident as Dravid's feather falls well short of Prior behind the stumps. Single to square leg as Dravid gets an inside edge this time.

8th over: India 39-1 (Gambhir 28, Dravid 11)


After leaving the first five balls of Broad's fourth over, Gambhir drives a full one through the covers for four.

Sportsmail's Paul Newman at Edgbaston: 'Great contest, this.

Stuart Broad in particular bowling really well, there's swing there, but runs coming mainly through edges. England will want three down by lunch after inserting. Fabulous new pavilion here, by the way. £32million well spent by Warwickshire! An example to certain other grounds of how it should be done - Old Trafford and Headingley to name but two!'

7th over: India 35-1 (Gambhir 24, Dravid 11)

Anderson continues...

Gambhir happy to leave now after his early flurry. He takes a single to backward square leg off the fifth ball. Two more for Dravid as he guides one down to third man.
Early breakthrough: England celebrate the successful appeal

6th over: India 32-1 (Gambhir 23, Dravid 9)


Dravid drives Broad to the long off boundary. Four! Another boundary for Dravid as he drives through cover this time, Ravi Bopara just fails to beat it to the boundary.

5th over: India 24-1 (Gambhir 23, Dravid 1)

Dravid gets off the mark with a single to gully.

Just one from that Anderson over as Gambhir drops anchor.

4th over: India 23-1 (Gambhir 23, Dravid 0)

Gambhir edges but it falls just short of Pietersen at fourth slip. Two more for Gambhir to deep midwicket, he has all of India's runs so far. Four more! Runs given to fine leg but hotspot shows it clipped Gambhir's pad.

Edge! Another one falls short. Gambhir in a hurry but his offering plenty of chances.

3rd over: India 17-1 (Gambhir 17, Dravid 0)

Simon Taufel says no and that was probably missing off. Shot! Gambhir leans into the off the side and guides the ball through the covers for four. Appeal! But that hit the pad and not the edge.

Bright start from Anderson... expensive start too tough, Gambhir guides another for four to third man. Single added to midwicket.
Gone: Stuart Broad appeals for the wicket of Virender Sehwag

Sportsmail's Paul Newman at Edgbaston: 'Sad for the spectators to a large extent that Sehwag has gone first ball.

He really is one of the world's great entertainers. But brilliantly bowled by Broad. You cannot allow him any width at all and that was a perfect one to get him first up. You have to say, how on earth did Steve Davis not know that it was out? I've commended the umpires in this series but that's what the review system is for - a howler.'

Sportsmail's Lawrence Booth at Edgbaston: 'Sehwag's much-heralded comeback lasts one ball.

Ah well...'

2nd over: India 8-1 (Gambhir 8, Dravid 0)

In comes Dravid. What a start for Broad.
Half an appeal as Broad wraps Dravid on the pads but that was clearly going down leg... and there was an inside edge. Wicket maiden.


Sehwag c Prior b Broad (India 8-1)

Sehwag goes first ball!... How the umpire didn't see that I don't know but that's what the review system is there for. Broad gets one to nip back and Sehwag can't get out of the way.
Even without hotspot you can clearly see the nick but the technology confirms it.

2nd over: India 8-0 (Gambhir 8, Sehwag 0)

Stuart Broad will share the new ball.

Appeal! Sehwag sways out of the way of a bouncer and England think there is a glove there. It's reviewed.

Good toss to win: The conditions look set to favour swing bowling on day one

1st over: India 8-0 (Gambhir 8, Sehwag 0)

James Anderson to open the bowling...

Four! Gambhir steers the second ball of the match down to third man through the slips. Plenty of swing for Anderson early on. Four more as Anderson strays down leg and Gambhir eases it on it's way.
Expensive start.

10.55am: Here we go then... England seamers will be delighted to be bowling first in swing-friendly conditions for the first time in this series but India have two of the best openers in the world back in their side in Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir.

Sportsmail's Paul Newman at Edgbaston: 'England were very undecided over whether to bowl or bat this morning.

It looks green at the moment but wickets dry out here very quickly now with the new drainage system and it could turn a lot on the fourth and fifth days. England will want to get a big first innings lead so as not to chase too many batting last. All eyes on Virender Sehwag now.
His battle with Jimmy Anderson will not be dull.'

10.42am: For those of you wondering, the smoke you can see in the preview picture in this article is not riot-related... It is coming from a fire in a scrapyard.

TEAM NEWS: Ravi Bopara is confirmed as the only change for England, coming in for the injured Jonathan Trott.

For India, openers Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir return from injury to replace Abhinav Mukund and the injured Yuvraj Singh, meaning Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman move back down the order. Another injury loss, Harbhajan Singh, is replaced by Amit Mishra.
Business as usual: The Test will go ahead despite riots in Birmingham

10.35am: Great toss to win for England.

They have managed to win both matches so far despite losing the toss so India will be worried. Dhoni admits he would have bowled.


10.25am: No rain at Edgbaston yet but it's overcast and the conditions look good for swing bowling.

Expect whoever wins the toss to bowl first.

10.20am: While we wait for the toss and team news to be confirmed, why not read up on what our expert columnists are saying before this huge match.

Paul Newman previews the all-important third Test [ here.]

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Our very own David Lloyd looks back at six classic Edgbaston Tests [ here.]

And former England captain Nasser Hussain delivers a warning ahead of the return to India's side of the talismanic Virender Sehwag [ here.]

9.50am: The third Test between England and India at Edgbaston goes ahead despite the recent riots in Birmingham.

Don't miss a ball with our live coverage throughout the five days as England go in search of a win that would see them become the No 1 ranked Test team in the world.
Vital Test: If Andrew Strauss's side win they will become the world No 1 ranked Test team
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